I just wanted to contact you to say thank you. We got Griffin (Joey) from you in 2015 and he has been a blessing to our family. He has been the most obedient and loving companion of any animal that I’ve had even growing up as a little boy. Griffin enjoys his daily walks to the parks and loves to chase rabbits and squirrels. He is great with other dogs but especially bigger dogs like labs and shepherds.  It’s funny to see this 6 pound dog run circles around an 85-100 pound shepherd but they act like they are best friends. People constantly say how cute he is and he is great with little kids. He completes our family. Thank you for everything and encourage anyone that is interested in a dog to first give your establishment a look.

Thank you,

img_1652Hi there,

We just wanted to send a message to thank you for our two great puppies. They are the best of friends. Bauer is mine (2.5 yrs) Brody is my moms (2). Our lives revolve completely around these two. They keep us entertained, laughing and on our toes day in and day out. As you can tell from the attached pictures, they most definitely are not camera shy!

Thanks again!!


Hi Jeff,

We just wanted to thank you for our cute little dogs, Bentley and Cooper… Bentley is now almost 3, and Cooper is just a little over a year.  Our lives definitely revolve around these 2 little pooches, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  The two dogs have become best friends and are comic relief most days.  They are sweet, caring, and unconditional in their love for this family.  Bentley is mostly attached to me, the mom 🙂  he watches for me to come home from work, and is by my side when I am home.  Cooper is still puppy in most ways, and is just like a little bull in a china shop.  Cooper will sit on anyone’s lap as long as he has raw hyde to chew, he just plops down on a lap and will chew for quite a while.  Cooper also has an odd habit of chewing on plastic hangers… you can often find cooper with a hanger around him like a necklace, chewing away.

We just love our dogs, and don’t know now what we would do without them.  Thank you for breeding such great family pets!

The Tessness Family.

My Fiancé Tyler and I  just wanted to say thank you to you and your family for giving us the most precious dog! We have had Lily (which was the name you gave her & the name we wanted for our dog) since December 30th, 2010! We were just going to look at dogs when we came in, but could not part with her after we saw her. She has been the best thing that has happened to us and we couldn’t imagine the last 2 years without her! Tyler and I also recently got a Yellow Lab dog named Duke in June. Duke and Lily get along so great. Even though Duke is a lot bigger then Lily he knows just how rough to play with her and when to stop, I think this had to do with us getting Duke when he was 8 weeks old so that Lily and him were about the same size then.  Now they both are the best 2 dogs that we could ever imagine!

Again, thank you so much Jeff! 🙂


I wanted to thank you for the BEST gift of all this year! My husband

and I are so in love with Maverick (Jackson – purchased in Oct). Thank

you and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

This is my little baby Sophie (mini-teddy) that we adopted from you back in June of 2012.  I cannot tell you how much joy she has brought to our lives.  Me, my husband, 2 children and master of the house, Buster (a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix), just love her.  Buster and Sophie play and enjoy each others company all day long and where one goes the other follows!  Sophie has been so easy to train and she is always ready to go have some fun.  The only thing she is not fond of is her baths and going to the groomer.  A night both dogs love to cuddle and Sophie has picked her spot – right on top of my head like a hat!  We just love her.

Merry Christmas,

The Leffelmans

I just want to say.. We love MARA (previously named Diamond – born May 23, 2012).

She is the best puppy ever! We just wanted to say thank you!

Hi, Jeff.  We bought Rocky (our Morkie) from you almost a year ago to the date.  I can’t tell you how much joy he has brought to our life.  He is THE BEST dog I’ve ever had.  He is so smart and incredibly lovable.  We get comments from people all the time telling us how cute he is and how when they get to know him everyone comments on his sweet demeanor.  We have 4 girls who adore him as well so he gets plenty of attention all around.  He can sit, lay down and shake.  He is weighing in at a whopping 6.5 pounds and is very healthy.  He loves to go for rides and walks.  If you say either of those words he get super excited.  He was also trained to ring a bell when he has to go outside.  I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for breeding such amazing dogs.  I can’t imagine our life without Rocky and it’s only been 1 year.  Here is a recent picture.  Thanks again, Jeff!  He’s brought so much joy to the Rabe family!

Tara Rabe

Dear Jeff,

Lizzy will be a year old Dec. 26th. She has provided us with so much enjoyment! She is Smart! Less then two months after we brought her home I had taught her to speak, sit, lay, play dead, beg, shake hands (always with her right paw) and pray (my favorite). She goes everywhere with us. This past Sept. we drove to Georgia and then over to Texas to see my brother and back home, she loved every min. of it. My brother has a two year old Shi-Shu too and spoiled equally. She sleeps with us, rides the motorcycle with us, she has our undivided attention pretty much all the time. Her and Ralph have become “Best Buds” that’s for sure. He walks her EVERYDAY unless there is a down pour,
then he”ll take her for a ride. She will go and get his socks and jeans in the mornings and drag them over to his side of the bed…time for a walk! After he gets up she will go and drag her leash off from the back door knob and take it and lay on the rug patiently by the front door until he is ready to go-lol. It has become a daily ritual. Anyway I could go on and on but bottom line, we love her to death. Here are some pictures and thank you for making our home once again complete!
Diane & Ralph

My husband and I bought a teddy bear puppy from Puppies and Kids about a year and a half ago! I just wanted to write to you to say THANK YOU! Thank you for breeding and raising such wonderful puppies! Zorrah (formerly Foxy), is the most well-behaved, fun loving, happy, and lovable dog (although we are also a little biased!). She was practically house-broken once we got her home and she is great with kids! I also bring her to my work at a nursing home; everyone just loves her and she does so well with all the people! We are always getting stopped at the dog park and when we go for walks with people telling us how beautiful our dog is and I am constantly recommending Puppies and Kids for anyone who is looking for a new puppy! So, again thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family! I have attached a couple of pictures from our wedding where she was an honorary guest!


Elise and Rya

Thought you might like to see Peach all grown up.  We couldn’t be happier…she is an amazing dog!!

Dear Jeff,

Almost three years ago, my mom, brother and I picked out a teddy bear from you and named her Bailey. We all fell instantly in love with her and I returned a few months later and got a Cavachon named Brooks that I later named Baxter. They quickly became best dogs and indispensable members of our family. Not only are they incredibly smart, but everyone who meets them cannot help but comment on their unique and adorable personalities. My mom and I always enjoyed taking them on long walks and watching them explore their new surroundings. They never failed to put a smile on our faces. Unfortunately, shortly after getting Baxter, my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Baxter and I moved home to be with her and help. I cannot tell you how much joy those two dogs brought her. She loved all their snuggles, tricks, and amazing personalities. While they got into mischief every once in awhile, they never failed to put a smile on her face on even her darkest days. On days when she cou


get out of bed, Baxter would snuggle up along side her. Bailey even made visits to the hospital. Unfortunately, my mom lost her battle and passed away a few months ago. We have always been asked where we got our dogs and  have always referred them your way. They are amazing dogs. However, what I wanted to do today was let you know just how amazing your dogs are. I have never seen the type of compassion, loyalty, and amazing personalities in dogs before. They seemed to know just when to snuggle and just when to make her laugh. They brought so much joy to her and that is not something you find in every dog. To have two amazing dogs has to be testament to the kind of dogs you breed and I wanted to thank you for that.

Just thought I would let you know that the Vet. gave you a compliment on your vaccinations, they said breeders usually don’t do it right  but I showed her the paper you gave me and she said “WOW” they know what they are doing. Everything is exactly right. Gizmo is doing great. Our 1 year old kitten his his best friend. They chase each other around and have a great time. He is such a blast. I thought I would show you he still talks with his feet. Every time I go on your website and see more like him I want another one! Someday!!!! Thanks again. Toni

Dear Jeff,

First of all, THANK YOU for letting me become a new member of the Rabe family. I’ve got the greatest, most loving parents a pup could ever ask for. I also have 4 girls (big sisters) that are always way more than willing to play with me and give me lots of attention. Today is Nov. 26th and it’s Dad’s 37th b-day, I turn 4 months tomorrow so we have something in common this weekend, well that and watching the Chicago Bears play football. As you’ll see from the attached photos, I’ve quickly adapted to the family and have become a die hard Chicago Bear fan.
A typical day for me during the week is that mom/dad get up around 5:30am and start to get ready for work, I get to go outside for a little bit to take care of some business and then it’s breakfast time. Around 6:45am I go outside again and then Dad gets ready to leave for work and I go have a nap in my kennel. Somewhere between 12-2pm, Dad comes home and let’s me out for a bit to take care of more business, stretch out for a bit and he will sometimes take me for walks or play catch with me (which I’m pretty darn good at) or sometimes I just follow Dad around if he’s got things to do. I go back into the kennel while Dad goes back to work and then around 4pm Mom comes home. I get to go outside again and then come in and follow mom around. Shortly the other girls come home and I’m almost overwhelmed with the commotion and love. At about 6pm I eat supper when everyone else is eating. While supper is being made, there are so many different things that I do, I won’t list them out for you….but needless to say, when supper is finished and everyone starts to settle down, we have a little bit more play time and by 8pm I’m exhausted. By 10pm, I go outside one last time for the night and then it’s bed time. I’m super spoiled when it comes to bed time……when I was a puppy and first came home, I slept in my kennel but would wake up several times. Mom and Dad thought it was because I had to go potty (and I would go potty to entertain them), but really it was because I couldn’t get enough attention and just wanted to be really close to them. As of 3 weeks ago, I get to sleep with Mom and Dad on their bed and I snuggle up to them really good. I can sleep all through the night without having to go out, and on the weekends I can even sleep in until 8am. I’m getting SO BIG now and am up to a whopping 3lbs. I’ve been doing great with the vet visits and have been to a groomer twice just to get cleaned up. Well, that’s all I’ve got for now and maybe as some new life experiences are accomplished I will continue to share. I hope you like my pictures!

PS – Dad helped me type this email to you because without thumbs, it is hard to press the space bar at the right time and this would have ran altogether and would not have been as readable.

Love Always,

Rocky – aka Rockefeller, Rock Star, Rocky Miavia, The Rock, The Rockster

Lizzy will be a year old Dec. 26th. She has provided us with so much enjoyment! She is Smart! Less then two months after we brought her home I had taught her to speak, sit, lay, play dead, beg, shake hands (always with her right paw) and pray (my favorite). She goes everywhere with us. This past Sept. we drove to Georgia and then over to Texas to see my brother and back home, she loved every min. of it. My brother has a two year old Shi-Shu too and spoiled equally. She sleeps with us, rides the motorcycle with us, she has our undivided attention pretty much all the time. Her and Ralph have become “Best Buds” that’s for sure. He walks her EVERYDAY unless there is a down pour,
then he”ll take her for a ride. She will go and get his socks and jeans in the mornings and drag them over to his side of the bed…time for a walk! After he gets up she will go and drag her leash off from the back door knob and take it and lay on the rug patiently by the front door until he is ready to go-lol. It has become a daily ritual. Anyway I could go on and on but bottom line, we love her to death. Here are some pictures and thank you for making our home once again complete!
Diane & Ralph
I saw the letter from Lizzy’s owners on your website and had to write to you also. We adopted Lizzie’s brother Marcus and we absolutely adore him as well. He loves to go for car rides and walks and does quite a few tricks, “roll over” still needs some work since he can only go half way then flails around to get back on his feet, all in good time 🙂 He loves to run around in our back yard and has made some doggy friends in the neighborhood. I remember when we brought him home, he would fit under my son’s baseball cap and he couldn’t climb a stair. He’s grown quite a bit since then but is still around the 10 pound range, now he can get anywhere in the house, as soon as I sit down on the couch I have a furry dog in my lap which I love.
Just wanted to say thank you, Marcus is awesome!!!
Traci and Dylan
Hi there,My girlfriend and I bought a puppy (Maltipoo) from you in November of last year (Drake was his name) it has been changed to Gino now. Gino is doing great and he is without a doubt the best dog I’ve ever known, incredibly friendly and good natured.The reason for my email is that my mom fell in love with Gino and wants to get one as well for her and my dad. I was wondering if you are planning on having any more Maltipoos anytime soon.Please let me know as I would much rather get one from you guys since we’re so happy with the one we already have.Thank you for your time!Kyle
Hello – We purchased “Jackson” – an 8 week old Goldendoodle from you on Friday, August 26th. Jackson is now “Sully”. He is doing really, really well – and is getting big! We’re wondering when you’ll have your next litter of Goldendoodle puppies? We’d love to be able to refer folks to you. I’m also curious… The photos you have of your puppies are always so cute. Might you have any of “Jackson” that you could share with us from when he was little like this? Thanks for letting me know either way.Kristin & Steve
Not sure if you remember us but we got out baby olivia from you last fall. She’s doing great, and has definitely become the center of our lives! I thought you might be interested in seeing a little TV segment that she was in on out local news station. I’m guessing you will recognize her, because she’s the cutest one there, but just in case she’s the pup wearing the purple sweater. Hopefully this link works for you! http://twincitieslive.com/article/stories/s2353803.shtml?cat=10698Thanks again for matching us up with our baby Olivia!
-Bailey and Jon
HI just wanted to thank you for providing us with the most amazing puppy in the world. We adopted Zorrah (Foxy) last spring, she will be a year old in January. From day one we couldn’t have asked for any healthier and more cute puppy in the world. When we brought her in for her first vet visit the doctor said Zorrah (Teddy Bear Breed) was one of the healthiest dogs he had seen. The groomer told us Zorrah had one of the best coats she had seen in a dog. Zorrah is the most playful, energetic, and charismatic puppy in the world. Zorrah is able to sit, lay down, shake, and even roll over. She is the most well behaved dog I have ever seen. She sleeps at least a straight 8 hours every night, and is very well potty trained. Every time we take her on a walk we are asked at least once were we adopted her from. I hold puppies and kids with high regard and will be adopting my next puppy from them very soon. Anyone that is thinking about buying a puppy from puppies and kids is welcome to
me with any questions. Thank you guys for the amazing addition to our family!!
i – Here is a picture of our little six month old maltipoo – Katie (you had named her lizzy). She is certainly delightful. We had lost our other dog who we really loved and you assured me that getting another dog would be a good move – so we did and we have not regretted it. She is so smart and funny and keeps us on our toes all the time – but she has been such a light in our home. Thanks for having such a great puppy for us. Jan

My husband and I adopted Alex (now known as Oscar) about 9 months ago and we wanted to let you know how much he has enhanced our lives. We love him so much and feel so lucky that he is our puppy.

Oscar has the best personality…he is a total boy, always rolling around in the dirt and wrestling with his “daddy”. He also loves to give kisses and snuggle, which his “mommy” loves best! Everywhere we go, people stop us to comment on how cute he is. I have attached a picture of Ron (his “daddy”) and Oscar at the Renissance Festival this year for you to enjoy.
Hope all is well. We may be back to adopt a little brother or sister for Oscar sometime in the future. 🙂
Nicole and Ron

Just wanted to THANK YOU again for all of your time and help in picking the right puppy for us! Seri, now named “Nikki”, is a perfect addition to our family! She has been sooo much fun! We all love her and she and my older lab are getting along very well. We took her to our vet yesterday and she checked out perfectly. She is already sleeping through the night and coming along with the potty training very well. Emma, my daughter, is CRAZY about her and doing a great job with her! Thanks for all of your work and help, we feel

like she has been a part of our family for a long time already!!
Thanks, again!

Hi Jeff – I thought I would send you a quick note about Wrigley. We kept the naming, being a Chicago Cubs fan it seemed to fit. He is a wonderful puppy. He gets along with our dog, Lucy very well. Our kids adore Wrigley. Everyone who meets him falls in love. He is so happy, full of energy and he also likes to snuggle in. Wrigley is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you for all you did in making it happen. Hope all is going well for you and your family. Take care!

This is Delilah, she is a cavachon, very beautiful! She weighs about 9 pounds and shes not very tall but has a great personality and is very snuggable. Shes very smart, easy to train. She was a great addition to the family! Delilah loves her 2 other puppy sisters. Thanks for selling Delilah to us. She’s 3 years old, her favorite toy is her squeeky squirrel and
squeeky racoon. Delialh loves going on walks, going on car rides, and playing with kids! Shes wonderful.

Hi Jeff-

I just wanted to send you an update on Cuddles.  He is absolutely wonderful.  Everyone loves him and he has been such a blessing for our family!   He now weighs 5 lbs at almost 3 months of age.   Surprisingly, he loves going for walks and does not mind potty training at all during the winter.  You were right, they are not hard to train during the winter!  He just loves sleeping with us and snuggles up and sleeps 9-10 hours per night without waking at all.  He enjoys his walks and loves playing in the snow.  He loves children most of all!  You sure do breed nice puppies Jeff.  I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a wonderful puppy!

Hi Jeff IPurchased a cavachon from you in 2009 and he is doing so well.  (Oliver aka Billy)He kept his beautiful tan color with some white and easily maintains a weight of 15 pounds.  Has not been sick one day.  Still loves to play and cuddle.  Best decision I ever made.  I have seen other dogs purchased from you and they really stand out as premium dogs.  Thanks for having such great puppies!

I’ve attached a fun picture of Bluebell along with Olive, our Yonese we got from you in 2007.  AND their best friend Maci, a Malte-poo you bred, who belongs to Annette Schultz (who originally referred us to you).  They hang out all the time.
We absolutely LOVE these dogs!!  Both Olive (Yonese) and Bluebell (Cavatzu) have charming, very sweet personalities.  They are both intelligent and fun loving!  Even though we were prepared for a little possible shedding with the Cavatzu, there is absolutely no shedding.  She is the most plush, velvety dog I’ve ever felt.  Olive also has an amazing coat, which is soft and silky.  Most importantly, they are the best little companions to us!

Hi Jeff. Just wanted to let you know that Brady is a dream come true. Our little Morkie is a well behaved, adorable and sweet little guy. He is a natural love light, always going to the person who needs him the most. We have had a busy week, and ended up back in Madison and are staying at the Hospice center, where my grandfather is passing away. We all came down, and brought Brady, hoping he would be ok in a new environment with so many people. Well, it was a good decision. He brings smiles and joy to everyone who sees him, and peaceful calm and well being to those who hold him. He comes when called, is doing well with potty training and is starting to get the hang of his kennel. And, like I said, has won the hearts of many. Including my grandmother, who has many pets- including dogs her entire life. She has already declared that Brady is going home with her. As much as I’d like to send him with her to warm her lonely house after my grandpa passes, we just can’t
part with him, of course. We are wondering when you will have another litter of Morkies though. She is very serious about wanting one, and this is the kind of dog that would suit her well at this point. The family would like to pitch in and get her one. So please let me know! Also, I’ve given your web site to MANY people who want to know where I got this little angel.
Thanks so much for helping this little guy come into our lives, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely, Erin & Sebastian

Hope you remember me! it took me almost a year to commit to a dog. I adopted my little Lexie (mini maltse/shihzu) last July. She celebrated her 1st birthday on May 9th and she is weighing in at 6.5 pounds. I love her so much – she is sassy, very spoiled and has a silly personality. She knows exactly what she wants – and seems to always get it.

i continue to watch your website because I love seeing all of your new puppies. However, my little Lexie will be an only child for quite some time.

Please know she went to a good home and she is well taken care of and loved by everyone.

Thought you would like to see a picture of my little Lexie.

Hello Jeff,
Just wanted to let you know that Chloe (known to you as Morgan the Morkie) is doing great. We have had her a total of 3 weeks now and boy let me tell you she is so much fun. She loves to play and is so friendly with people and other animals. She sleeps in the kennel right next to our bed and she has slept through the night since the 2nd night that we had her. We trained her to use the pee pad and she is one smart cookie. Only took 1 1/2 days for her to figure that one out. It is so funny she will be playing so hard and then she will stop everything and run over to the pee pad in the kitchen. She is such a good girl. Everyone loves her and we are so blessed that she came into our lives. I knew when we saw her that there was just something about her that won our hearts. She has quite the personality and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Thanks so much for everything. We truly appreciate it.
Tony and Kelly (from La Crosse, WI)

Hello Jeff! We are so blessed with our new family member, as you know her Macy, Bailey! She has been such a blessing already to us and is such a great companion. She is very well behaved and loves to play which is exactly what we were looking for. She has given our home so much joy these first few days and I am sure she will continue. All I can say is God has blessed you with a great talent of helping families find their loved ones with animals. Thank you so much for helping us. The Hall Family

Hi Jeff: Just wanted to update you on Franki,our wonderful,adoring Maltipoo.He turned a year in Oct.he is the funniest dog i have ever seen and so dang smart!!! Franki will need a sister or brother sometime soon.He is SO spoiled that im alittle worried about a sibling,but i have heard that its easier with two than one.He has helped so much fill my empty nest.Now when my son comes home from college,he hardly gets attention because Franki gets it all.I cant imagine my life without him in it.The funny thing is that he hates the winter and cold and snow,just like me.He starts to shiver when i start to put his coat on.Everyone adores him,even non-dog people.He wins everyones heart.Thank you so much. Rhonda 
Hi Jeff,
You have no idea how many times I have been stopped by people to ask me what type of dog he is and where I got him. If I had your business card you would be a millionaire for the number of referrals Gio would send you! One lady said she had been watching me for weeks as I took Gio out for walks and had to come say hello.
We’ve traveled with him to California and northern Minnesota via plane and car and he is a trooper. He loves car rides and snuggling with us on the couch. The only problem is that he knows we love him so much that he can sometimes become spoiled. His best friend is a black cat named CIMBA that lives at his grandparent’s house. They love each other so much that when they’re together no one in the world exists. Gio has even taught CIMBA how to fetch and chew a raw hide. It’s hillarious!
Thank you for the wonderful dog. We couldn’t be happier.
Happy Holidays!
Tanya, Elliot and Gio

We bought a cavachon from you on Labor Day and have been soooo happy with her! Have already referred several people to your website.
We named her Ruby and she is just the sweetest thing! She sleeps through the night and has from day one. She loves to play but mostly to be cozy with us on our laps, definitely a lap dog even as a puppy. We are so happy we adopted her!
Thanks so much!

Hi Jeff….don’t know if you still remember us…..Zoe is 6 months old now and she is potty trained and has been such a huge blessing to our family! I don’t know what we would do without her….. She is such a good puppy she loves to fetch and she loves being out on the lake in the pontoon or boat….she loves outside anything outside, she is quite the little explorer! She even finished a 2 mile walk with me the other day:) 
Yesterday was her first day in the kennel all day since the kids are back in school now…….the kennel was just as I would have guessed dry! She whines now when she needs to go out and stands by the door. She has always slept through the night too! 
I still don’t think that she can be a puppy she is too good!
If you ever need a testimonial please let me know…….we are so extremely happy with Zoe 🙂

Jeff, I thought I would send you a recent picture and an update on Garnett (our Cooper). Cooper has been a pleasure since we have gotten him home. He was easily house trained and is now barking to go outside if he wants to. He has been very healthy and he received his last puppy shot this week at the vet, they told us he was the cutest, most well behaved puppy they have ever had. We feel pretty good about that but you should feel some pride in that as well.
Cooper still loves little kids and I think he always will. We can be on a walk with him and he stops dead in his tracks if he sees, hears or smells a little kid anywhere around us. I think it says a lot about the way he was raised when he was very young. 
Thanks again and we may be talking to you about getting Cooper a little brother or sister very soon. Here is another picture of Cooper and his littermate Zooey (Rose). Take care, To

Thought we’d let you know that our puppy that we got from you is the best
little puppy.  She is the Havanese/Maltese(born Jan. 19th) that you called
Gabby.  We have since named her Sasha.  She is still very small, almost 4
pounds now and healthy.  She’s very cute, very smart, and very adorable.
She loves to play with her toys and our grandkids.  Our neighbor kids adore
her and think she should be called “Tiny” (they all have bigger dogs).
She’s starting puppy school next week, although, she comes, sits, lays down,
and is starting to shake hands on command.  We’ve really enjoyed having her
be part of our family

Thank you SOOOOO much for our precious new puppy!!  She has already in this short 3 days,  brought us such joy!!  We just finally this morning officially decided on the name Mitzie!!  We love her spunkie personality!  My daughter came with her new dog today,   20 lb Yorkiepoo,  who a 1 year old male.  It was HILARIOUS for us to see this 1 lb puppy jump and want to play with this 20 lb dog,  who cowered,  and was afraid of her!!

Thank you for your patience with us as we chose which puppy was right for our family!!  You and your family went above and beyond for us,  and I really wanted to thank you for that!!  Mitzie is winning over my husband!!  Thank you for being willing to talk to him!

We will keep you posted!  I have several people who have asked me if you have any puppies left!!

Dear Jeff,
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how our little girl Twilight (formally Abby) is doing. She loves her new home and we all adore her. She had us all wrapped around her little paw the moment we got home. She wants for nothing and gets carried all over the place. She has caught on quick that she is the princess of the house and plays us for our weakness of thinking she is so cute. She gets along fairly well with our other dog Jasper and spends her time trying to annoy him as much as possible. She has learned her place well in our family and will put people and puppies in their spot when she means business. She fits in perfectly. I never realized how incredibly smart a dog could be, but both of ours are extremely intelligent. Thank you for our new addition to our family and just for a FYI you better breeding more because we can’t go any where without people asking where she came from and for your web site.
Valarie, Jen, Cormick, Jordan, Phoenix, Twilight, and Jasper

Dear Jeff,We just love Ginger (formerly Cari) Snowflake just loves her, and vice versa. You were right about owning two dogs. I will never be a one dog owner again…they really keep each other company. Thanks again for everything, and enjoy the pictures!Sincerely,Karen

Hi Jeff, 
Just checking in to let you know all is well with our cavachon, Parker, that we got from you on Saturday. He’s fitting into our familiy well and already has a great personality. He’s only had a few accidents, mainly due to our inattentiveness. As long as we bring him out frequently, he always goes. He also loves his crate which is very nice as he will search for it when he wants to rest.
Thanks again for everything. He’s a great puppy and has already given us lots of joy.


I just thought I’d update you on Sophie’s progress. (mine) She’s sleeping through the night, eating great, not had 1 accident in the house and is going to the door when she wants out! Isn’t she brilliant? She’s adorable and we just love her. Even my daughters’ lab llikes to play with her once in a while (when she’s not biting his tail!) She’s going to the vet next week. All in all, she’s perfect! everyone loves her and you may be hearing from more Duluthians! Thanks a bunch!!

Hi Jeff!Just wanted to send you a recent pic of our teddy bear Bella (bought her on 11/21/08). She got her second hair cut, a new sweater and a collar! Yeah, she’s cute! We love her! She pottied trained like a breeze and sleeps with me now. Her only bad habit is nibbling at our toes and pant legs when she’s bored ………… small price to pay for such a beautiful puppy! I’m a lazy trainer, ha ha!Thanks again and I hope you are looking forward to summer!Sherry, Bobbi and Jewel  (and Bella)

I apologize for not writing sooner..we’ve just been having so much fun with Cooper! I cannot thank you enough for all of your help, advice, and e-mails over the past few months. Cooper is a wonderful puppy and the perfect addition to our family. Our girls are in love with him and EVERYONE asks us where we got him. We were at Leashes & Leads and people kept saying he’s the cutest little puppy….plus his personality is fantastic! In the potty department is the best dog we’ve ever had….only 2 accidents (the day we brought him home and NONE since)!! He goes to the door already (we just purchased bells for our door yesterday). He sleeps through the night—goes outside @ 10:30 and sleeps until 5:30/6:00!!! Our youngest (the one with allergies) has had no symptoms and is so happy since we can now have a puppy. He completed our family and is the center of attention no matter where we are! The girls are “saving their money for another one of Jeff’s puppies”. Who knows….we may be back in 6mo-1yr. 
Thank you again for the wonderful job you did with the puppies before they come to us. I have given many co-workers your name–I hope things work out!
Take care

Dear Jeff and Theresa,Wow! We never dreamed our new baby would be so very, very special. We are sooooo in love with her its ridiculous!! She is so sweet not to mention beautiful and perfect in every way. She slept all night, eats and drinks so good and is very well behaved. One teeny tiny accident in the house and the rest she potty on demand outside. She is the love of our lives after only 24 hrs. Our sweet Meisha Mae also thinks she’s just fine. We spoil our babies so much we were a bit concerned with some jealousy but, no problem. Our little Alli Elizabeth is everything and more than we planned for. Thank You so much for letting us pick her. We feel so blessed. You are terrific! Enjoy your wonderful family, they are fortunate to have such great parents. Keep the puppies coming, I’ve given your name out to quite a few people.Always,John and Pat
Hi Jeff.My name is Lauren  Our family bought a dog about a year and 2 months ago after i got out of the hospital. Our family decided to name him Oliver, since he was “all of ours”. (if you say it fast you might get it). I didn’t like that name because he was too cute to be called an old mans’ name, so i called him Pooch. He only responded to that name and he followed me everywhere for an unconditional loving i will never forget. About 2 weeks ago Pooch was wandering around in the woods and accidently came out onto a road of 65 mph. He was hit by a car and unfortunately didn’t survive. We all miss him very much and he was my best friend. The reason i am emailing you is that i would like to have Poochs’ picture on your website. He was amazingly adorable. It would mean so much to me. I’m saving up my money to get another dog when the time is right. Here is a picture of Pooch, he was a Teddy Bear. Thank you for your time,Lauren 

Louie is such a great puppy. Thanks so much. He has so much personality, and we enjoy him so much. He’s potty trained and pretty well behaved. He’s learned to sit and “be pretty.” He can be “pretty AND talented” as well. Being pretty consists of “dancing” on his hind legs. Pretty and talented consists of dancing and talking at the same time. He’s a real hoot. Thanks again.
Rice Lake, WI

Well it is finally here. Garret turns one on the 8th!! He has been such a joy and every day he makes us laugh. He can be so full of energy and the next minute he is cuddling with you. He has been a great addition to our family and I am so glad that we found him.
Thanks again for such a great dog.
Hey Jeff!Mike and I just wanted to thank you for our wonderful puppy, Sophie (we renamed her)!! She’s doing really well. She’s a good little eater, but we did take your advice and feed her on a twice a day schedule. She’s working on potty training and doing very well, a few accidents, but overall we’re really impressed with her. She slept all the way through the night last night. She loves to play and we’re having a blast playing with her too! We’re just so happy and thankful that we found your website! Thanks again!-Darcy, Mike, and Sophie 
Hi Jeff,
I just want to give you an update on our teddy bear puppy “Teddy”. My children surprised me with him for my 50th birthday. I never knew i could love a puppy so much. He has been such a joy. Every night when i get home from work he gets so excited and he needs to snuggle up to my neck to welcome me home, and he is wonderful with my grandchildren. Maybe some day in the near future i will need to come see you and give teddy a new play mate.
Thanks again,

Hi, Jeff,

We just wanted to say hello and let you know that we just adore our puppy, Bella. She is now just over 6 month old and is the cutest thing ever. She weighs about 10 pounds and is perfect! She is just like our baby, haha. She can sit, lay down, and stand on her back legs. We think she should be a circus dog because she always seems to be standing on her back hind legs. We just love her! Thanks again for giving us our wonderful puppy. We hope all is well with you and your family. I often look at your website and remember how little Bella once was. 🙂 All of those puppies are so cute!

Thanks again,
Annalisa, Andrew, and Bella

Hi Jeff-

I want to thank you very much for adopting me out to my new family on 7/26.  I went to my new home in Kasson, MN that day after a VERY exhausting stop at Petsmart where I got to pick out new toys and a very soft pink bed/blankie.  I fell in love with my family immediately and I can tell they love me just as much.  After a few days of being call “Baby”, my family finally came to a decision on my name, which is Harlie.  I am named after my Grandpa’s love for his Harley Davidson bike but they spell my name with a girlish twist.  This name choice is the result of my mom (Ashley, 16 years old) promising her dad to name a new puppy Harley if he would buy her one. (looks like they both got their way)  My family has another dog they love very much (a 70 lb white lab named Daunte) and he is slowly starting to warm up to me.  If I jump as high as I can, I am able to reach his nose and give him kisses-and he doesn’t run away from me anymore.

I am looking forward to Christmas with my family.  I have seen a few bags snuck into the house that have some pretty fun looking toys in them and can’t wait to play with the pretty boxes that will be wrapped under the tree.  I also am looking forward to playing with a new friend across the street from me. His name is Baxter and he is a Morkie just like me.  He lived with me at your house but was a little bit younger than me.  Now he is my neighbor.

I am very healthy and happy!!!  Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me before I knew my “forever” family.  They are so happy to have found not only your website that day, but me.  We have passed your website on to MANY interested people and believe that you have the most beautiful puppies in the world.

I have enclosed some pictures to show you how I have grown up.

Love, Harlie Hochhalter

Hello all,
Just thrilled with our Morkie Chloe who recently turned one (born 4-19-07) I run an in home daycare and she is absolutely wonderful with all of the kids! She is extremely spoiled and very smart! She can sit, stay, dance, speak, and loves to fetch. She plays all day and is the perfect lap dog in the evenings. She is 5 lbs full grown, we couldn’t be happier. I often give out your email address as everyone asks.. “Where did you get her?” Congratulations on the new addition to your family (just looked at your website)
Have a great summer, and thanks for everything.

Jeff, This is our second puppy that we have gotten from you since March. In March, we got Mia, she is a half yorkie half havanese. She is a beautiful puppy and we decided to get her a sister. We recently got Sophie and they quickly became attached to one another and we are glad that we got both of them. It is fun to see them play together, sleep together and nurture one another.  We get alot of compliments on both of them and I am directing people to your website to add a member to their family. Ellen and Tim



Just wanted to let you know we LOVE our new cavachon baby girl!! We named her Izzy and she is doing wonderful.
The kids love her and I think my husband does too, he just won’t admit it but everytime I look for her she is somehow always on his lap or laying with him on the couch!  Thanks again for all your help and thanks for our new addition to our family she was a blessing!!

Thanks so much,

Little Abby is doing so good. She’s really taken to the newspaper to potty on and is eating very well.She’s full of energy and takes long naps.  I put her in the kennel at night by the bed and she whimpers when She wants to get out to go potty – then she goes back to sleep.Thank you for this new little baby in our lives

Things are going great! The ride home went well. She cried until we reached 52. Then, she slept the rest of the way home.
She is getting used to us. She has done really well with potty training. She has had a couple of accidents, which were probably a result of us just being inattentive. When she has to go, she runs to our back kitchen door and sits by it.

Nighttime has gone really well too. We take her out to go potty and then put her in the crate for the night. She does not cry at all, just curls up and goes to sleep.

Things are going great! We just love her!

Oh yes, and we named her Jersey. We are a household of sports fans, so it seemed appropriate!

We will keep you updated and send some pictures next time!

Thought you would enjoy seeing one of your Cavachon puppies.  He is from your April 27th, 2007 litter of two females and one male.  He is the joy of our lives and very spoiled.  We couldn’t ask for a better disposition.  He is very smart and learns quickly.  It only took him two days to learn to ring a bell when he needs to go outside!  Enjoy the show.  Walt & Linda  Prior Lake


I sent you my Dogster page of Parker, I know it’s kind of corny but it’s fun:)! I can’t tell you how much I love this little guy! We went to our first puppy class last week and he was awesome…didn’t attack other puppies like some of the others did! His potty training is going great! He can sit, lay down, and roll over! He’s 13 weeks old and weighs 5lbs, even though he looks like he weighs 50:)!

Thank you for selling me an adorable puppy!

Renee (from Rosemount)

PS. I’m glad you didn’t hold me a girl:)!

Hello Jeff,

I’m in Rochester today and was thinking it’s been over a year now since we got our Yorkie from you. I thought you might enjoy an update on her. She’s still just 3.4 pounds and such a smart dog! Here’s a picture of her:

As you can see, she’s kept her dark colors and according to our groomer, she’s one of the bests yorkies the groomer has ever seen – both in looks and personality! If you ever have another one like her .. let me know, as I’d take another one just like her!

I hope all is well with you and your family!


Jeff, just wanted to send you an update on Coco my little yochon!  She has been doing fabulous, only one accident in the house in the four weeks that I’ve had her!  She’s already grown to 4.2lbs and is just great!  I couldn’t be happier with her.  She’s already won the hearts over of everybody that she’s met and loves to give people kisses.  I just want to thank you so much for having such great puppies!!  Thanks, Kenzie & Coco

My wife and I just wanted to let you know that our daughter named the puppy Jasper, and that he is doing very well.  He is “house breaking” well and has only had one or two incidents.  He loves the kids and plays well when he is not sleeping.   Thanks, Ryan

Hi Jeff,

Wanted to let you know how well MacKenzie is doing with our family.  We are sure enjoying her company.  Our lab prefers not to share his bones with her but is coming around and sharing…sometimes.  He tolerates her with great patience but always has this look like “where’d this thing come from and when is she leaving”.  My daughters are still fighting about who holds her first when they come home from school.  She has been to soccer and volleyball games and is always adored by everyone who meets her.  I already have a friend in hot pursuit to find one of her own.  She hasn’t had much luck matching the adorable little face of MacKenzie.  I don’t remember how I found your ad on the internet but I’m sure glad that fate has brought us together.  She is the perfect match for our family.  Never a shy moment, loves everyone and is not afraid of anyone or anything.  We love her!


Hi Jeff, just thought i would give you an up date on my puppy.  We named her Maggie, she now is up to 5.6lbs, last week when I had her at the vet she was 5lbs.  They said she is doing very well, everyone at the vet thought she was so cute!!!   In the time I have had her she has never pooped in the house and only pottied 2 times.  She sleeps in my bed and sleeps all night.  Her an my other dog get alone very well and she is good with the grandkids, I  take care of 2, 2 1/2 year olds a 7 and 10 yr. old.  Just wanted to drop you a note to say how happy I am with her, even my husband who did not want me to get any more pets, cause I have 8 birds and the two dogs, has fallen in love with her.      Thanks again Diane

Hi! . . .  I thought you might like to see how our little Finnegan is doing. (From the February 2007 litter) He is a very sweet, very smart dog. You were right – he can run and is actually quite sporting. He does love to be held too – just like the perfect  lap dog. He is just the best collection of personality traits. And we have never seen any shedding.
I would love to stay updated on your Cavachons in the future – – as Finnegan may need a sibling in a couple of years. Take care, Lisa
I am sure you don’t remember us but my son and I met you near Farmington last September on the night we put our Lab to sleep. We bought a YorkiPooh from you and named him Sailor. He is just the best. Right away he rode 5 hours on my motorcycle with me in a chest pack I have for him, walked straight off the deck of my sea kayak and luckily had a lifejacket with a loop on it so I could scoop him up as I paddled by, has been on countless cross country ski outings riding in my backpack, climbed a mountain in New Mexico and tons of other fun adventures. I love his small size and it is fun to sneak him in and out of hotels. However,I don’t like him sleeping on my head or plopping down on my face while I lay in bed watching the news at night. Anyway, he weighs almost 11 lbs and is just the best puppy by far that I have ever had. You have done a nice job with the puppy portion and it was a treasure to get such a nice, handsome, cuddly, well adjusted non-hyper little companion. Nick and I cried most of the way home about losing our dog but Sailor warmed our hearts immediately and has taken over for our loss fully. Thanks! I will recommend your dogs to anyone I know who is interested! 
Cindy  WI
Hi, We are the proud owners of one of your teddybears who was born Sept 21st. Our son and family got this pup for us and gave her to us on Dec 7th and we have been thrilled. We named her Abby and she is the best. She has finished her shots and a couple weeks ago she weighed 10 lbs. She potty trained very easily or because we are both retired we trained easily. Anyway she has brought us days of enjoyment. Thanks so much for breeding such wonderful pups. Deanna Erhart